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Huetribe Stories: Annie and Arran

Posted on November 13 2017

This month we introduce Annie and Arran, a lovely interracial couple hailing from Southampton, UK.

Annie and Aran are both prominent bloggers.


1. How and where did you meet? 

Annie: We met in a bar through mutual friends. Our friendship soon became more, six months after first meeting and we've now been together five years and are expecting out first child together.

2. Where do you currently reside?

We live on the South Coast, in Southampton, UK. 

3. What’s the most rewarding aspect about being in a interracial relationship?

Arran: I wouldn't say there is anything rewarding as such, our relationship is no different to that of others.

4. What's been the biggest hardship from your relationship so far and why?

Annie: Facing criticism and hate from others. Having never been in an interracial couple before or experienced racism, I found it really difficult not to react to people at first. I soon learnt they weren't worth my breath. 

Arran: Seeing Alice struggle with comments and looks. I'm used to it but watching how upset Alice got over it was hard.

5. What advice would you give to interracial couples struggling with negativity from others about their relationship?

Annie: Ignorance is bliss. Don't react, don't rise to it and remember it's only you both in your relationship no one else.

Arran: Just do you, as at the end of the day it is only you and your partner that matter in the relationship. So as long you both care for and love one another, that is all that matters.


Follow Annie and Aran's work through their blogs, and



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