Manchester Pride: A Celebration of Love

Manchester Pride: A Celebration of Love

When HueTribe took part in Manchester Pride we met an incredible selection of beautiful people from all walks of life.

A card by HueTribe on display at Manchester Pride.

HueTribe was honored to be invited to take part in Manchester Pride! When the organisers got in touch to say they had seen our range of greetings cardswhich celebrate gay and lesbian couples and wanted us to be involved we were all like:

We spent months planning and preparing for what we knew was going to be a crazy weekend, but we could never have anticipated just how many inspiring and beautiful people we would meet.

We wanted to thank all the people who shared their stories with us, so here are a few snapshots from the BIG weekend.

Tahnee and Michelle said it is not always simple being in an inter-racial relationship.

“When I brought Tahnee home it was like coming out again.”

This lovely couple, who both work as primary school teachers, told us it is not always simple being in an inter-racial relationship. Michelle, who is from Devon, first came out to her family aged 15. She told us her family is very accepting, but they needed to be warned that her girlfriend was from mixed heritage.

Paul (left) and his partner Jerry at Manchester Pride.

“You hardly can find a card which has a black and white couple on the front of it,” says Paul.

These guys are from London but traveled north to Manchester Pride which they said is more fun than the celebration of LGBT love in the capital city.

“London Pride, by comparison….There is no comparison,” Jerry said.

Lynette and Anita celebrate the rainbows of life.

When we saw Lynette wearing the Rainbow Flag we just had to chat to her and hear her story.

It turns out that these guys are so into the rainbow they even named their cat Rainbow.

Lynette and Anita met in England, but Lynette is originally from South Africa — a country which is sometimes referred to as the Rainbow Nation because it is home to many different people of different colours, races and tribes.

Kim and Sam are impressive nurses and impressive people!

We got chatting to Kim and Sam and they were such fun people, full of life.

They told us how they are nurses and that they love what they do but our ears really picked up when Kim said “We’ve resuscitated over 500,000 people in our nursing careers.”


Mary (who is sometimes Tom) has been married for over 20 years.

“My name is Mary — oh, of course you can take my photo — I’d love that!”

As soon as I said hello to Mary I knew I had met a caring and generous soul. “My name is Tom in my other life,” Mary said. “I am a gay man who is happily married…To a woman. My Judith is a very understanding person, we’ve been married for 23 years.”

While Judith decided she would prefer not to be in a photo for this blog, she spoke to me and told me very clearly; “We’ve been married for 23 years.” Judith had a big smile on her face when she said that and I could instantly see this was a very loving couple.

Mary told me she had only decided she was gay after she had been married to a woman. “This is going to sound strange,” she said, “but it brought us closer together somehow.”

Alero and Lisa have trouble finding cards that represent their relationship.

This lovely couple is Alero and Lisa. They told us about finding cards that represent their relationship.

“We don’t find cards that are representative of us really. I don’t think we even bother to go looking to be honest because there isn’t much out there. And if our friends buy cards for us they buy generic cards. You can find same sex cards like cards for girlfriends but not for interracial couples.”

We met so many amazing people — too many to include here, sadly but say hi to us on our Facebook page and check out our website and stay in touch!

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