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Huetribe is a greeting card company dedicated to diverse representation, a large gap within the greeting card market. We believe the world is a colourful place and greetings cards should be too! Huetribe is a part of the GCA, the trade association for the greeting card industry. 

Huetribe was started after the founder became frustrated by not being able to find greeting cards which reflected her interracial relationship. Our founder, Tineka, and her husband, Alex, have been together over seven years. They have always had difficulty finding cards which reflect their interracial relationship. When Alex gave Tineka a card with penguins on it - because it was the only greeting card with a 'black and white couple' he could find - Tineka knew she had to do something about it. She quickly discovered that she wasn't alone, and that finding interracial greeting cards, as well as LGBTQ cards, was a difficulty among her friends and family as well. And so the idea of Huetribe was born!

All of our products are eco-friendly and printed on FSC grade board.

The company was also named an 'innovator' in the greeting card market by Mintel research (2017), for focusing on underrepresented groups. We also advocate for racial equality and representation within the greeting card industry with the support of the Greeting Card Association.

Now at a time where there is so much division in the world, it's important that we show the beauty of unity, in our own small way.

We offer a selection of products that represents people of all backgrounds. Take a look around to see how we can inspire you. Please feel free to send us feedback on our products. We are always open to ideas of different ethnicities and groups you would like to see represented. We hope you enjoy stopping by our store.


Huetribe is a trademark of Huetribe ltd        


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