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Huetribe is a multicultural and LGBTQ greeting card line which addresses the gaps of racial, cultural and sexual representation in the greeting card market. We are an award nominated finalist for the Precious 2017 awards.

HueTribe was started after the founder became frustrated by not being able to find greeting cards which reflected her interracial relationship. Our founder, Tineka, and her husband, Alex, are going on 5 years together. They have always had difficulty finding cards which reflect their interracial relationship. When Alex gave Tineka a card with penguins on it - because it was the only greeting card with a 'black and white couple' he could find - Tineka knew she had to do something about it. She quickly discovered that she wasn't alone, and that finding interracial greeting cards, as well as LGBTQ cards, was a difficulty among her friends and family as well. And so the idea of Huetribe was born!

All of our products are eco-friendly. You can find out more about what makes us environmentally friendly, by checking out our Climate Partner Certification on

We value the importance of giving back to the communities we support, which is why part of our profits go to charities which help support racial, cultural and LGBTQ equality. In 2017, Huetribe donated 2,500 USD worth of products to causes promoting diversity. The company was also named an 'innovator' in the greeting card market by Mintel research, for focusing on underrepresented groups.

Now at a time where there is so much division in the world, it's important that we show the beauty of unity, in our own small way.

We offer a selection of products that represents people of all backgrounds. Take a look around to see how we can inspire you. Please feel free to send us feedback on our products. We are always open to ideas of different ethnicities and groups you would like to see represented. We hope you enjoy stopping by our store.


For 2017 and 2018 we've partnered with Diversity Matters UK to support diversity in the workplace, creative industries and arts; Manchester Pride to promote LGBTQ equality and with Albert Kennedy Trust to support homeless LGBTQ youth. 

 Huetribe is the trading name for Smith Court Press LLC



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