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"This is the first time we’re seeing dedicated representation of interracial, same-sex couples by a high street retailer in the greeting card industry."
LGBT attacks and Network Rail
BBC Radio London - July 06, 2018
"I’m not sure I agree that the market is niche. The purchasing powers of minority demographics are regarded as a substantial asset to the UK economy."
Interview with Tineka Smith, founder of Huetribe
Talented Ladies Club - August 17, 2018
""We’re delighted to be the first UK high street retailer to represent interracial and LGBT couples and stock Huetribe cards""
Scribbler to stock interracial and LGBTQ greeting cards in UK first
Retail Sector - July 04, 2018
"Our customers are from all walks of life and its vital that our products reflect that."
Scribbler becomes first UK high street retailer to stock card range representing interracial and LGBTQ couples
Retail Times - July 03, 2018
"While society has come so far in recent years, minority groups are still underrepresented in many aspects of our lives. "
Some 73% of Brits say minorities are excluded from greeting cards
Progressive Greetings - August 02, 2017
"So have really thought about ensuring that all types of couples are represented in their cards – this one is perfect if you know interracial brides to be!"
10 of the best gay wedding cards
The Gay UK - June 21, 2017
"It’s important that we continue to stand up to end discrimination for those whose rights are being taken away and belittled. "
Why the UK and America should be coming together for LGBT now more than ever.
Huffington Post - July 27, 2017
"It was set up to address the gap in the greetings card market of interracial and intercultural couples. "
Brand Spanking New Section
Gift Focus Magazine - May 01, 2017
"The perfect way to let her know you care"
Pick'N'Mix Print Edition - Diverse Greeting Cards
DIVA Magazine - April 22, 2017
"Exasperated at the absence of choice, Smith decided to launch a line of greeting cards for fellow under-represented couples, which address the gaps of racial and sexual representation in the greeting card market. "
These greeting cards reflect real couples and fight stereotypes
Mashable - April 04, 2017
"Interracial and LGBTQ couples are grossly lacking on greeting cards — even from brands that cater to the minority market. When was the last time you saw an interracial gay or lesbian couple on a greeting card?"
These greeting cards reflect real couples and fight stereotypes
Yahoo News - April 04, 2017
"HueTribe is a line of greeting cards that arose from their own frustrations with not being able to find greeting cards for those outside the "norm."
Greeting Cards For Interracial and LGBTQ Couples Have FINALLY Arrived!
Your Tango - April 04, 2017
"When you walk into a store and see images on greeting cards that look like you or your relationships, it gives you a sense of acceptance that people realise you’re part of our society too."
This Greetings Card Company Caters To Society’s Most Under-Represented
Huffington Post UK - March 29, 2017
"That greeting cards producers have failed to service a huge proportion of modern society reflects more than just a loss of commercial opportunity. It represents and reinforces the accepted norms, perceptions and stereotypes of what loving relationships should be: romantic, white and heterosexual."
Where are all the interracial couples on greeting cards?
Precious Online - March 20, 2017
"Celebrating the individuality of all kinds of people through greeting card design could play a central part in wider strategy to curtail the tide of hate against minorities that has arisen in the increasingly disillusioned, angry, post-truth world we live today."
Could More Visibility Of Black Images Help Heal Brexit Wound
The Voice Online - January 19, 2017
We work with Manchester Pride through competitions and mutual support to promote LGBTQ equality and inclusion through representations on greetings cards.
We work with Albert Kennedy Trust to support homeless LGBTQ youth and promote LGBTQ representations in publishing.
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